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Should i go into the Real Estate Market?

In this day and age we need to stay informed if we want to make the best decision when it comes to Real Estate, should you pull the trigger or not? Check these 6 graphics and judge by Yourself!

Note these are numbers based on a National scale, if you want to see the average For California i suggest you visit CAR.ORG

Rent rising prices graphic the Current Strength of The Real Estate Market

Lets address the elephant in the room right away, rent prices keep climbing, another great reason to START SAVING THAT MONEY! and get a place of your own, there are many ways to save money, maybe even if it means to go back and live with mom and dad, cut on that Starbucks, dont dine out every day, you’ll see you make progress, little by little.

FICO SCORE graphic the Current Strength of The Real Estate Market
Mortgage rates the Current Strength of The Real Estate Market
Lack of Inventory in California the Current Strength of The Real Estate Market
I must admit that Southern California is a different beast in this department, many real estate Agents agree that we are seeing a lack of Inventory this past year.
What is the Average days on the Market in the united states, the answer is 29, Current Strength of The Real Estate Market

One thing most people will tell is that if you price your house correctly, if wont last that long on the market, that combined with the fact that Southern California has a serious housing crisis, again this is when staying informed and having a source for good deals comes into place!

Mortgage rates seem to be on the low side and properties selling in less than 29 days (National average), as mentioned before CAR.ORG has a collection of AMAZING real estate data at your disposal.

California Sales graphic

By looking at this graphic alone you can see that the average selling price is between the $400,000 and $700,000 range, BUT consider on what those numbers are based on, i bet is mostly on residential properties, its important to know what you want.

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