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Social proof is important for getting new clients because most of us, at least people with easy internet access (there are still millions of people in this world without a reliable Internet connection to the internet but that’s a tale for another time ) rely on the internet to make an “Educated guess” regarding almost anything; restaurants, reviews on books, movies, products, etc.

The same can be applied to acquiring the services of a business, in this case, as you can tell by the theme of this website is Real Estate, Reviews and Testimonials , have an immediate impact to consumers while providing an insight provided by someone else’s experience with the Agent in question.

It makes you legit in the eyes of the Millennial

That Boomer or 60+ year old you might be, potentially, doing business with, has not given a second thought of looking you up on Google, Facebook, IG etc. BUT that Boomer might have a son or daughter that will most definitely look for you up on Social Media, if your social Media game is weak, there is a high a chance you’ll loose credibility, and even worst a potential client.

Brandon Doyle from Inman:

“Let’s say you’re a real estate agent operating in an area with dozens of other professionals. While your qualifications and area specialties may be similar to them, you set yourself apart by highlighting personal reviews and testimonials that speak to your character, personality and working style. “

Go back to former Clients

At a close of a transaction dont forget to ask your clients for a review on Zillow, or you can always reach out via E-mail. It does not have to be a lengthy review, one or two sentences are more than enough to reflect the quality of your work!

Whatever approach you take to get more Social proof of your business’s positive performance,, keep this in mind: Don’t see Social Media as a way of getting new business, but as a way to keep you from losing business.

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