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5 Important Steps to Get the Most Value from Your Listing

5 Important Steps to Get the Most Value from Your Listing particularly this year, where COVID-19 brought so many challenges in the buyers and sellers markets. One of the main obstacles COVID-19 brought to Sellers and Real Estate agents is the lack Face to Face interactions, no Open House, no Door knocking, with this came the rise of the normalization of many Technologies like the Virtual Open House, available in a different array of platforms such as websites, apps like Facebook, instagram, even some agents have gone into the Tik Tok route to showcase a Home. 3D Virtual Tours are all the rage as well, which, in my opinion are worth the extra expense in getting one.

With the introduction of these new methodologies, the economy is still under the effects from this pandemic. Unfortunately unmployment numbers have reached incredible figures, this will limit the number of people who can get qualified/approved for a home loan.

As a seller you need to be prepared/informed and have a competent real estate agent on your corner. Here are 5 important steps to Get the Most Value from Your Listing:

1. Over-prepare

Get your inspection reports ready, you also need to be aware of any clearances and upgrade as you see fit. Even though there is a lack of inventory in Southern California the homes that sparkle will be the ones with most traffic, both in the real world and the digital world. Also be smart about how you spend your money, you want to avoid potential objections, not to over-improve things.

2. Stage your Home

With this pandemic, the home buying process has become more like online dating, potential buyers will look at a few pictures then swipe left on your home and go to the next one, Make sure everything looks neat!

3. Great Photography

Make sure the pictures tell a story, have good quality, did your agent hire a professional photographer to show the best angles of your property? or did he or she busted out their iPhone 12 and took the pictures themselves?. Like we said before, a Virtual tour is one of the best ways to entice buyers to visit the property.

4. Good Documentation

Have all the documentation available for easy access Online, this includes contracts, inspection reports and disclosures, you want people to have access to these on the Cloud.

5. Price strategically

Think about the process of how you and your agent reached a price on the listing, is it realistic? What were the comparable properties for your area?. This is why you want to hire a real estate agent that knows how to properly put a CMA together, (Comparative Market Analysis), think Zillow’s algorithm can give you a good realistic price? think again, Zillow does not take into account things like obsolescence.

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